Meny Stäng

Process times from hours to seconds

Advances in Technology can radically reduce the use of fossil- and bio-fuels in the forest industry and contribute to a climate neutral society by reduction of CO2 emissions.

Potential to reduce 6 % of Sweden’s entire CO2 emissions using fossil free electric power. Plasma technology developed for the steel and metallurgical industry over the past 40 years can be applied to Pulp&Paper industry, supporting global and national environmental initiatives like Fossil Free Sweden.

From hours to one second calcination. Lime mud reburning with plasma at temperatures up to 5 000 °C is performed in seconds compared to hours, in a compact reactor that is only one hundredth in volume and without moving parts. This dramatic change offers improvements in process control and reduces stop and start times.

Investments cost reduction of about 40 % in compact process, reducing requirements for space and surrounding equipment. This also offers significantly lower maintenance and operating costs.