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LimeArc Process AB Secures Patent for Innovative Electrical Plasma Calcination

We are proud to announce that LimeArc Process AB has been granted a patent for calcination using electrical plasma technology.

With this patent, our core processes and expertise in continuous and circular economy of chemicals in pulp mills using only renewable and fossil-free electricity will further be strengthened. Our LimeArc PR 100 is an electric plasma calcinator requiring only 1-2 seconds of time for the lime mud processed at temperatures above 1000°C. This demonstrates the company’s ability to deliver efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for calcination.

The patent not only provides LimeArc Process AB with recognition for our innovative work but also strengthens our position in the market. This will continue to promote growth and success for the company.

Anders Mood, CEO of Limearc Process AB, is highly satisfied with this achievement and emphasizes that it is a significant milestone for the company’s patent portfolio and the strengthening of its position within the industry.

February 29, 2024

For more information, contact:
Anders Mood CEO LimeArc Process AB +46 703070247
Roland Lundqvist CTO LimeArc Process AB +46 706318529

About LimeArc Process AB
LimeArc Process AB is a Swedish Green-Tech company specializing in hightemperature processes for lime products in the pulp industry globally. The company has a strong patent strategy as well as very environmentally friendly and green solutions. Our technology significantly reduces the use of fossil and biofuels in the forestry industry and contributes to a climate-neutral society by reducing CO2 emissions. For more information,