Meny Stäng

LimeArc Process AB launches website

The new website will be an important tool for LimeArc Process AB to share information about the company and reach out with news to target groups concerned in the pulp and paper industry, decision makers, and potential investors. The digital presence also helps the company and its climate neutral technology, which allows carbon negative emissions, to be found in global search engines.

– The same way as we keep on developing our technical processes, we will also keep developing our communication, says Roland Lundqvist, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of LimeArc Process. Therefore, it feels natural to invest in a simplified, yet informative, website as a first step. We welcome tips and suggestions regarding desired content and improvements from visitors on our website. 

The new website is in English, since LimeArc Process focuses on international markets. 

Visit the website:

For more information, please contact:

Roland Lundqvist
LimeArc Process AB
+46-70-631 85 29
[email protected]

LimeArc Process AB: 
The concept LimeArc® refers to a step where technology developed in the steel industry is been applied to chemical recovery in the pulp and paper industry. LimeArc can reduce carbon emissions in Sweden by 6% by negative emissions by BECCS* and by eliminating the fuel need for lime kilns in pulp mills. 

*) Bio Energy Carbon Caption and Sequestration