Meny Stäng

LimeArc Process AB welcomes Linde gas AB into our group of experts.

LimeArc AB expands our collaboration by adding Linde Gas AB into our expert group. 

Linde Gas AB will contribute with knowledge in a new specialist area that will be a great asset to the development process.  

Eva Ålander Application engineer at Linde Gas states that thanks to the high carbon dioxide concentration from LimeArcs process, there is an opportunity to refine carbon dioxide of biogenic origin. Hence this carbon dioxide, a chemical commonly used to improve the pulp and paper production, would not contribute to a negative impact on the climate. 

LimeArcs own project manager Maria Swartling, welcomes Eva into the project, She notes that several customers and suppliers of high importance have expressed intererest in LimeArcs technology

For more information, please contact: 

Roland Lundqvist
LimeArc Process AB
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LimeArc Process AB: 
The concept LimeArc® refers to a step where technology developed in the steel industry is been applied to chemical recovery in the pulp and paper industry. LimeArc can reduce carbon emissions in Sweden by 6% by negative emissions by BECCS* and by eliminating the fuel need for lime kilns in pulp mills. 

*) Bio Energy Carbon Caption and Sequestration