Meny Stäng

LimeArc hiring Managing Director

JOB DESCRIPTION: Managing Director and Head of Projects

Purpose of job: Develop, improve, launch and lead the LimeArc processes in order to commercialize the company and thereafter focus on growth

Reports to:  Board of Directors

Location:  To be decided

Main tasks

Lead the development and ensure the successful launch of the company

Ensure the process for the correct capital requirements for the company at any given time in the development journey

Develop the process and interact with the owners in order to identify the correct ownership at any given time in the development journey

Develop the process to run the company with the most efficient balance sheet structure, e.g. leasing, on-balance sheet structures and project activation accountancy

Ensure data collection and develop AI learning procedures from projects.

Investigate and develop the internationalization of the company, i.e. method, geographical area, customer base and all other aspects that are necessary for the company to have a rapid growth

Establish and maintain a correct procurement process including payment terms from suppliers

Establish policies and procedures for HR including travelling, off-site work

Develop financial reporting and KPI’s

Create processes and procedures to make the admin work as easy as possible

Investigation new premises (including cost calculations)

Implement what is needed in the company on a day-to-day basis

Skills required

Good understanding of the company and its business
Good and solid engineering skills in the field
Good financial understanding
Good communication skills, assertiveness
Excellent English, other languages are meritorious
Flexible for global traveling
Ability to work on sites and remote locations
Ability to do tasks from small to big scale
Ability to think “outside the box”

Education and experience

10 years+ of experience from industry in energy, pulp and paper
Own global networks in energy/ pulp and paper industries
Previous experience from innovation companies
Previous experience from the field


Send your application together with your CV to [email protected]

We will continuously evaluate incoming applications.